Shark Steam Mop Leaking Water? 9 Easy Solutions

Shark Steam Mops are one of the most popular steam mops in the world. Even though there are thousands of steam mops which are available, Shark Steam Mop is still one of the world’s leading steam mop companies that have produced some amazing cleaning products over the years. 

Shark steam mops are renowned for their performance and efficiency. It cleans and sanitizes the surface at the same time.

You only require distilled or demineralized water in order to clean. You won’t be needing expensive chemicals and cleaning solutions for cleaning surfaces.

It is very easy to assemble and requires only a few seconds to start up. Shark steam mop makes cleaning quite enjoyable and easy.

Like all other equipment, the shark steam mop isn’t invincible and perfect as it has got some flaws and one of them is the leaking water.

We will tell you some of the causes of the water leakage problem in the shark steam mop and the way to fix it.

To help you more, we will also guide you on how to prevent such issues from happening again in the future so make sure to read this article until the end.

Shark Steam Mop Leaking Water Causes And Fixes

In this section, we will discuss various causes of leakage in the shark steam mop and how to fix it.

You might be thinking that leakage means that the product is damaged.

However, the product might not be damaged and can be fixed easily.

We have presented some of the common causes of leakage in the shark steam mop and the ways to fix it in the list down below.

Overfilled water tankDo not exceed the recommended water level in the tank.
Loose or improperly attached water tank capEnsure the water tank cap is securely closed and properly attached.
Damaged or worn-out water tank cap gasketCheck the gasket for any signs of damage and replace if necessary.
Cracked or damaged water tankInspect the water tank for cracks and, if found, replace it.
Clogged or damaged water linesClean the water lines and check for any signs of damage. Replace if needed.
Faulty internal componentsContact customer support for professional assistance or explore repair/replacement options if under warranty.

Manufacturer testing

If you just got a steam cleaner and you saw water leaking from it. You don’t have to worry.

The manufacturers test every Shark steam mop before they’re shipped so you might have noticed a small amount of water in the water tank or the water leaking from some parts.

Even though the manufacturer tries their best to drain all the water out of the steam mop before shipping, some drops of water can still be found in the water tank or in some parts.

It is completely normal and you won’t have to be afraid or fix it as it is not a real problem.

Fix: You don’t have to fix it as it is quite common.

Damage to the water tank and cap

Another Possible cause for a leakage issue is the water tank or cap is damaged. Before buying the steam mop you should always inspect for damages and scratches.

Sometimes, it can also get damaged during shipping as well. If the water tank in your steam mop is removable then you can easily inspect it thoroughly to check for damages.

You can also inspect the cap and check if it’s fitted properly. Moreover, you should also find the rubber gasket on the tip of the cap. Check if that’s missing.

One of the primary reasons why there’s a leakage in your shark steam mop is due to damage to the water tank and cap.

Fix: Unfortunately, you can’t fix the water tank and cap if it gets damaged or cracked. The best thing you can do is to replace it with a new one.

Improper installation

Proper installation of each part is necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment.

The best way to properly install a steam mop is to read the manual properly and fit each part of the shark steam mop according to the manual.

That’s because if the water tank is not installed correctly then it can leak an excess amount of water onto your floors.

So, you must be extra careful while installing the water tank and you must hear the water tank click into place during installation.

Fix: You can simply follow the instructions from the manual to properly install each part. There are some great guide channels on YouTube where that teach you how to install the shark stem mop as well properly.

Overfilling the water tank

In every steam cleaner, there is a limit set for a water tank, and sometimes you may refill your water tank more than its limit. If your overfill the water in the tank some water will start to drip while using the steam mop.

The Shark steam mop comes with its own filling flask which lets you fill the water tank with an appropriate amount of water that you require for it to function properly.

Fix: Never overfill the water tank and always use a filling flask to fill in an appropriate amount of water into the steam mop. You can simply drain some of the water if you feel like the water tank is overfilled.

Using the steam mop in the high steam setting

The Shark steam mop produces a lot of steam while using the steam mop in the high steam setting.

A lot of steam means a lot of water molecules being released, which get absorbed by the mop pads, and some escape to air and surfaces.

Thus, using the steam mop in the high steam setting for too long can soak the steam mop with a lot of water which can get transferred to the surfaces and seem like leakage.

Fix: You can easily fix the issue by lowering the steam setting to medium or low. However, if it starts leaking more even after using the steam mop on a low setting then you might have been using the steam mop for a long and pressing the trigger continuously.

Thus, use the steam mop properly in a back-and-forth motion while pressing and releasing the trigger simultaneously instead of applying steam continuously.

Idling the steam mop after turning it on

When you idle the steam mop in one place, a lot of steam accumulates in one place and it can generate a lot of heat, and a lot of water molecules accumulate in one place as the steam cools when it heats the surface.

when you idle it may seem like an excessive amount of water leaking from the steam mop but it is actually just the steam converted into water. Furthermore, there’s a high risk that you can also damage the floors because of high heat.

Fix: You can simply fix this issue by moving the steam mop constantly. Make sure to turn off the steam mop if you have to keep your steam mop idle for some time.

Calcium and magnesium build up in the nozzle

If you read the user manual carefully, you will find the Shark steam mop manufacturer recommends you use distilled or demineralized water.

Tap water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium which can get deposited in the nozzle and disrupt the flow of steam and can cause water to leak.

The process of calcium and magnesium build-up is quite slow so you might not notice at first but if you continue to use tap water then the minerals will surely build up and cause problems such as leakage issues.

Fix:  The nozzle can be easily unclogged/unblocked by dissolving the calcium deposit. You won’t have to buy expensive chemicals as you can simply make some cleaning solutions at your home. Moreover, you can also buy a CLR liquid from the market if you are tired to make a homemade solution.

The best home solution is to use vinegar in a steam cleaner.

Using chemicals and cleaning solutions besides water in the water tank

Another thing the manufacturers of the Shark steam mop prohibit the user from using any kind of chemicals or cleaning solutions besides water.

While reading the manual you will clearly see that using other liquids, chemicals, or oil, can seriously damage your steam mop and cause lots of issues besides leakage. It can cause health hazards and damage the floor as well.

One of the main features of a steam mop is the ability to clean and sanitize surfaces without the use of expensive chemicals and cleaning solutions and only water.

Fix: You can’t fix the steam mop once it gets damaged due to the addition of chemicals and cleaning solutions. So, you might have to buy a new one or contact Shark.

Not cleaning the mop pads properly

The microfiber mop pads that you get along with the steam mop are washable and reusable. However, the user manual recommends you properly clean the mop pads after every use and replace the mop pads once every 3-4 months.

That’s because if you use a dirty and soaked mop pad then you won’t be able to clean the floor properly as the mop won’t absorb the dirt and dust from the surface. Furthermore, if you use a soaked mop pad then the mop pad won’t be able to absorb the moisture from the steam and a lot of water can pass through into the floor.

As you know, the specific heat capacity of water is high so it can easily absorb the heat from moisture and turn the steam into water through condensation. Thus, more amount of water is generated and causes leakage problems.

Fix: Follow the instructions from the user manual to clean the mop pads and make sure to dry the mop pads before using them.

Always carry extra clean and dry mop pads before steam cleaning the surfaces.

Replace the mop pads once every 3-4 months as per the instructions because the mop pads lose their efficiency over time.

How can you prevent leakage from happening in the future?

The first thing after purchasing the Shark Steam mop is to read the user manual and follow the guidance.

You can contact the Shark or watch instructions from the internet if you don’t understand the user manual.

Make sure you have installed the steam mop correctly and inspect each part before using it for cleaning.

Handle your steam mop with great care and use the steam mop as per the guidance and instruction from the user manual.

Fill in an adequate amount of water and plug it in. Be patient and wait for some time to let it heat up. Always use distilled or demineralized water only in the water tank.

You can also buy scented distilled water if you want to add fragrance to your cleaning. Use only clean and dry mop pads in order to clean the surface. You should wash the mop pads after every use and let them dry completely before reusing them.

It’s better to vacuum or sweep the floor before steam cleaning the floor because the dirt and dust can get stuck into the mop pads and decrease their cleaning efficiency and it can damage the floors as well.

Never use the steam mop in a hurry and inspect the steam mop before every use. You should also minimize using the high steam setting for too long and continuously as your equipment can get damaged quickly.

Move your steam mop continuously and never put your steam mop in an idle position because it can ruin the floor as well as the equipment. If you get any kind of problem regarding your steam mop then you should never hesitate to contact the manufacturers.

Normally, the Shark steam mop comes with a 5-year limited warranty so don’t hesitate to make a warranty claim if needed.

Your Shark steam mop will be long-lasting if you follow the instructions which are mentioned above and know how to properly use the steam mop. That’s all for today. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

FAQ: Shark Steam Mop Leaking Water

Why is my steam mop leaking water?

Possible reasons for a steam mop leaking water include an insecurely attached water tank, a damaged tank cap or seal, overfilling, or clogs in the water delivery system.

How do you unblock a shark steam mop?

To unblock a Shark steam mop, check the steam nozzle for debris, use a cleaning solution or vinegar-water mixture to flush steam pathways, and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Can I put vinegar in my shark floor steamer?

Yes, you can use vinegar in your Shark floor steamer, but check the user manual to ensure it’s recommended for your specific model.

Why is my shark steam mop not steaming properly?

Possible reasons for insufficient steam production are an empty or improperly attached water tank, a faulty heating element or thermostat, or mineral deposits clogging internal components. Regular descaling is essential, and if the problem persists, seek manufacturer’s or professional assistance.

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